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Ray White AKG Makes Strategic Shift Leading Into 2024

By Avi Khan

Ray White AKG, a leading real estate agency in Brisbane, has shifted towards a service-oriented model aimed at providing robust support to their agents and clients.

The move comes as part of AKG’s commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of the real estate industry and position themselves as a market leader in agent services as their team grows.

Over the past 12 months, 55 new team members have joined AKG.

Recognising the dynamic nature of the real estate landscape, the move allows AKG to allocate resources more efficiently and provide specialist roles to better meet the unique requirements of their agents.

Ray White AKG Principal Avi Khan said the shift underscored the group’s dedication to enhancing the overall experience for its agents and ensuring their success in a competitive market.

“These roles are designed to cater to specific aspects of the real estate business, providing our agents with access to experts who can offer targeted support and guidance,” he said.

Ray White AKG Property Management Chief Executive Officer Rachael Curtis said AKG was implementing a strong client-centric philosophy.

“Our commitment to delivering exceptional service extends beyond our agents to their clients,” she said.

“By optimising our internal operations, we aim to elevate the overall client experience and reinforce Ray White AKG’s reputation as a client-centric real estate partner.”

Annabelle Ross, who was previously a successful Principal in Brisbane takes on a newly created role of Head of Customer Service. She comes to the team with more than 10 years of experience in leading teams and delivering results for her clients.

Marcus Frater joins the team as the Head of Growth from one of Australia’s leading AI companies. Marcus is passionate about the intersection of technology and how it plays a pivotal role in the real estate industry. He worked across companies specialising in AI and property portals to help drive growth for agents and businesses alike. Marcus has a strong affinity with the brand, with his family running a Ray White franchise for 11 years, which has been an important part of his understanding and learning of the real estate industry. 

“We are well-positioned to provide unparalleled support in an increasingly competitive real estate market,” Mr. Khan said.

Completing the appointments is a New Head of Human Resources and People. Carmen James has been promoted to the position from her Office Manager role. Mr. Khan added that the emphasis for the leadership team is a move to Health and Wellness programs and Carmen would lead this for the team.

“As 2024 approaches, Ray White AKG does not want to only anticipate the future we are looking to shape it,” Mr Khan said.

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