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William Pengelly


William Pengelly transitioned into real estate in 2024, driven by a sincere desire to serve his community. With a foundation in hospitality and a track record in insurance claims, William brings a unique blend of customer-centricity and analytical prowess to his role. His adeptness with technology positions him as a resourceful property manager assistant to our property management team, quick to leverage digital tools for efficiency and effectiveness.

A hallmark of William's character is his agility in navigating novel environments. A fast learner by nature, he embraces new challenges with an unwavering determination to deliver results. Beyond his professional pursuits,  William finds joy in connecting with people, effortlessly building rapport and fostering relationships.

In his downtime, William indulges his curiosity by tinkering with inventions and gadgets, a testament to his innate curiosity and creative spirit. Through his multifaceted interests and unwavering dedication,  William remains committed to making a meaningful impact, both professionally and personally.