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Tia Petch

Head of Agent Services

Tia Petch is a dynamic force within the real estate industry, currently serving as the Head of Agent Services at Ray White AKG. With a wealth of experience spanning both real estate and various sectors within marketing, Tia brings a multifaceted perspective to her role.

Her primary focus lies in enhancing agent and company visibility, a task she approaches with unwavering dedication and strategic finesse. Tia's expertise extends to leading the company's creative designs, ensuring that all agents seamlessly integrate the company's branding into their marketing efforts.

Recognising the crucial role of effective marketing in the real estate realm, Tia goes above and beyond to empower agents with the knowledge and tools they need to maximise their marketing potential. Whether it's optimising property listings or cultivating their own personal brands, Tia's guidance is invaluable to every agent at AKG.

With Tia Petch at the helm of agent services, Ray White AKG benefits from her unparalleled passion, creativity, and commitment to excellence. She stands as a cornerstone of support and innovation, continually driving the company and its agents towards greater success in the competitive real estate landscape.