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Tara Fernandez


Tara Fernandez, a property manager at Ray White AKG, joined the team in 2022, transitioning from a medical background. Inspired by her family and colleagues, she decided to pursue a career in real estate. With the support of her partner and two sons, Tara is determined to achieve great things in her new role.

Tara is known for her forward-thinking mindset and adaptability to different environments. She excels in holding solid conversations over the phone and is skilled at troubleshooting. Her ability to maintain a friendly demeanor and make people smile, even through phone conversations, is highly valued. Tara quickly and efficiently picks up on tasks and is eager to learn and absorb as much information as possible to excel in her job.

In addition to her dedication to work, Tara prioritises work-life balance. She has a kind-hearted nature and is always happy to assist and support her colleagues, helping them succeed in their own endeavors. Tara's positive attitude and ability to uplift the team make her an integral part of the Ray White AKG family.