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Kristy Martin


Meet Kristy Martin, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry with 8 years of experience in property management. Kristy's expertise extends beyond the traditional responsibilities of property management, making her a valuable asset to our team.

With a strong background in leasing properties, Kristy possesses in-depth knowledge of the rental market. Her excellent customer service skills ensure that tenants and landlords receive top-notch assistance and support throughout their rental journey. In addition, Kristy takes pride as she once was the director of first impressions, so with this experience Kristy makes sure that all interactions with clients are positive and memorable.

Known as a jack of all trades, Kristy has a diverse skill set that extends beyond her primary role. She previously served as the maintenance manager for our team, effectively handling property maintenance issues and ensuring that properties are well-maintained. Recently, she has taken on a new role as an accounts associate to Kelsi, showcasing her versatility and adaptability within the industry.

Having spent 4 years with Ray White AKG, Kristy has become an integral part of our team. Her dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in her work ethic and the relationships she builds with clients and colleagues alike.

Apart from her professional expertise, Kristy has a unique passion for astrology, crystals, and celestial events. She always keeps the team updated on the current phase of the moon, recommends the right crystals for various purposes, and provides insights into when Mercury is in retrograde. Her enthusiasm for these topics adds a touch of magic and fun to the office environment.

Despite moving 12 hours away from our offices, Kristy's valuable contributions to the team led us to create a virtual assistant role specifically for her. This way, she remains an integral part of the business, even from a distance.

With her wealth of experience, dedication to customer satisfaction, and ability to adapt to new roles, Kristy Martin is a valuable member of our team. Her diverse skill set, combined with her unique interests, makes her a standout in the real estate industry.