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Kira Symphor


Meet Kira Symphor, a highly personable and dedicated professional who embarked on her journey with Ray White AKG in 2020. With a natural talent for cultivating relationships grounded in her approachable and friendly nature, Kira quickly became an integral part of our team.

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Kira's value to our agency has been evident through her various role changes. Starting as a property manager, Kira required a part-time role for a short time, prompting us to create the position of a Buyers Consultant to retain her within our business. In this capacity, Kira played a crucial role in ensuring seamless transitions for new property owners, meticulously inspecting homes before settlement and furnishing comprehensive reports complete with visual documentation. Her efforts empower new owners to visually connect with their investment and optimise their financial ventures.

Now, Kira is transitioning back into a full-time role, reclaiming her senior property manager position within our Marsden team. Known for her stellar customer service and adeptness in facilitating smooth management processes through transparent communication, Kira's warm and effervescent demeanour earns accolades from her clients.

Beyond her role as a property manager, Kira is a driven property professional who firmly believes in offering precise and dependable services. She considers this principle to be the linchpin to a thriving career in the real estate domain.

We are thrilled to welcome Kira back into her rightful role as property manager, confident in her ability to continue delivering exceptional service and fostering meaningful connections within our community.