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Kiearnna Green


My name is Kiearnna Green, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as a Property Manager's Assistant in the real estate industry for our Ray White Brookwater & Greater Springfield office. I bring a strong foundation of knowledge and a genuine passion for assisting others. With previous experience in the real estate field, I am eager to expand my skills and contribute to the success of our team.

A positive attitude and a sincere desire to help others are at the core of who I am. I find immense joy in bringing smiles to people's faces and going the extra mile to ensure their needs are met. Whether it's providing guidance to clients or supporting the property manager in various tasks, I am always ready to assist with a cheerful demeanor and a helpful spirit.

Continuous learning is a priority for me, and I am enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge and skills in the real estate industry. I understand the importance of staying updated with market trends, regulations, and industry best practices. With an innate curiosity and a hunger for growth, I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge base and contribute to the success of our team.

My kind heart extends beyond the professional realm. Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my loved ones, including my family and friends. Building and maintaining meaningful relationships is crucial to me, as it allows me to cultivate a sense of belonging and support. These strong personal connections enable me to bring empathy and understanding into my interactions with clients and colleagues alike.

As an animal and nature lover, I find solace and inspiration in the world around us. Nature's beauty serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our environment and promoting sustainable practices. I am passionate about making a positive impact on the world and incorporating eco-friendly initiatives into our work whenever possible.

In summary, I am an enthusiastic Property Manager's Assistant with a real estate license and previous industry experience. With a positive attitude, a genuine desire to help others, and a commitment to continuous learning, I am dedicated to providing exceptional support and contributing to the success of our team. Outside of work, my kind heart, love for family and friends, and passion for animals and nature shape my values and add depth to my character.  I am excited to embark on this journey with Ray White and look forward to assisting you with a smile on my face, my bubbly personality & can-do attitude '