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Emily McCrenor


Introducing Emily McCrenor, a dynamic individual who brings a unique blend of experience and skills to her role as a Property Manager's Assistant. With a diverse professional background that includes graphic design and working closely within the real estate industry for five years, Emily has seamlessly transitioned into the world of property management.

Emily's previous experience in graphic design has perfected her attention to detail and ability to think creatively. These skills, coupled with her strong background in customer/client services, have allowed her to nurture lasting relationships with clients. She understands the importance of maintaining excellent rapport and communication with clients, ensuring their needs are consistently met.

Eager to embark on a new challenge and expand her knowledge within the real estate field, Emily seized the opportunity to join the esteemed AKG team. With a natural enthusiasm for learning, she is excited to dive into her new role and master the intricacies of property management. Emily's dedication to professional growth and her willingness to embrace new experiences make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Seeking a change in career that would provide greater mental stimulation, Emily found her calling in property management. She thrives in an environment that allows her to interact with people, combining her passion for social interactions with her desire to help others. Her personable nature and genuine interest in supporting clients make her a trusted and reliable resource.

Outside of work, Emily cherishes spending time with her family. She recognises the importance of work-life balance and values the opportunity to create cherished memories with her loved ones. This commitment to family translates into her work, as she understands the significance of finding homes where families can build their own special moments.

Emily McCrenor brings a wealth of experience, a passion for learning, and a genuine desire to provide exceptional service to her role as a Property Manager's Assistant. With her creative mindset, strong client service background, and dedication to personal and professional growth, Emily is well-equipped to support the AKG team and assist clients in their real estate needs.