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Daniel Robson-Petch

Head of Growth

Daniel Petch epitomises innovation and vision in his role as the Head of Media and Growth at Ray White AKG. With a proven track record of success in real estate and diverse industries, Daniel brings a dynamic perspective to his position.

At the heart of Daniel's responsibilities is the maximisation of creative content generated by the in-house media team, a task he approaches with strategic prowess and a keen eye for innovation. He spearheads the development of captivating media campaigns, both for the company and individual agents, leveraging out-of-the-box thinking to amplify visibility and drive growth for AKG.

As a driven entrepreneur, Daniel thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for success. His expertise extends beyond traditional marketing approaches, as he consistently pioneers strategies to elevate the company and boost sales for the AKG team.

A leader in personal branding, Daniel is passionate about empowering AKG agents to harness the power of digital marketing to cultivate their own unique brands. With his leadership and guidance, agents are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to establish a strong online presence and stand out in a competitive market.

Daniel Petch's dynamic leadership and unwavering dedication to innovation make him an invaluable asset to Ray White AKG. His commitment to driving growth and fostering creativity ensures that the company and its agents continue to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.