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Chad Baker

Buyers Manager to Jess Nguyen Team

Chad brings a strong customer service background to his role as the Buyers Manager for the team. As a resident of the Logan region, he possesses valuable knowledge of the surrounding areas that has proven beneficial to many buyers. With a focus on assisting his clients, Chad is dedicated to helping them navigate the buying process smoothly.

Chad understands that buying a home can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting. However, he aims to alleviate those pressures by providing individualised support tailored to each client's needs. By actively listening to their requirements, Chad ensures that he understands their preferences and criteria for a new home.

One of Chad's key responsibilities is keeping clients informed about available properties for sale. He proactively updates them on the current listings as well as upcoming properties that align with their preferences. This ensures that clients are well-informed and have access to a comprehensive range of options.

Throughout the buying process, Chad remains an advisor and guide, offering his expertise and assistance at every step. He is committed to providing transparent communication, keeping clients informed and involved in their house hunting journey. By being responsive and attentive, Chad ensures that clients feel supported and empowered in their decision-making process.

Chad's background in customer service, local knowledge, and commitment to tailoring the search criteria make him a valuable asset in assisting buyers. His dedication to providing personalised attention and timely information ensures clients receive a positive and rewarding buying experience.