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Cathlene Nunag


Hello! I'm Cathlene Nunag, a dedicated graphic designer with a passion for real estate currently majoring in Architecture. My journey with Ray White AKG since 2018 has been a dynamic one, where I've honed my skills in creating impactful publication materials that resonate both online and in print. Video editing is a key aspect of my expertise, allowing me to weave engaging stories through multimedia. Notably, I took the lead in designing the most recent style guide for Ray White AKG, encompassing both digital and printed templates. 

Proficiency in different softwares and CRMs empower me to craft eye-catching templates. Communication with foreign clients is seamless thanks to my adeptness in various channels, including email. Data sourcing and entry are second nature to me, leveraging platforms like Pricefinder and RPData to glean insights that fuel our marketing strategies.

What defines me is my exceptional communication skills, which underpin my collaborative prowess and client engagement. Thriving under pressure, I consistently deliver while maintaining unwavering attention to detail. A natural problem solver, challenges are opportunities for me to shine, powered by my adapt-and-overcome approach. I'm committed to delivering polished content through thorough proofreading.

My innovative ideas align seamlessly with our brand's ethos, constantly fueled by a drive for learning. I embrace new tools and techniques to augment my skill set, underpinned by a proactive and can-do attitude. Task ownership is my mantra, as I ensure all responsibilities are met with the highest standards of execution.

If you're seeking a versatile professional with a flair for breathing life into property management and marketing, collaborating seamlessly with diverse teams, and upholding a strong work ethic, I'm here to exceed your expectations. Let's connect and explore how I can contribute to your projects and goals.